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How To Bet On Cricket Online

Due to the increasing popularity in India, cricket is considered to be the second most popular sport in the world. This is after football, and as such gives the average gambler 365 days in a year in which they can wager on cricket online.

Cricket nowadays is not recognisable from its beginnings in the southern part of England at the end of the 16th century. It is true that the game is still played with two sets of stumps, eleven players on each side, a ball and a bat. However, cricket is a sport that keeps changing as every year passes.

The history of red ball cricketRed ball cricket is played with athletes in white clothing on a long British summer afternoon, and it seems a far cry from the bash, bold and big nature of the quite popular Twenty20 that is the IPL with its white ball, bright flashing lights, cheerleaders, coloured clothing and players being sold each season.

Until the mid of the 1960s professional cricket appeared kind of comfortable with itself. Matches used to be played for several days, with 2 innings per side. The winner was the team which made the most runs over the combined innings.

One day cricket was developed through the 60’s by English domestic cricket. The initial One Day International was not played until 1971 when a Test match between England and Australia led organisers to arrange a side match to make sure that spectators would watch competitive and meaningful cricket. However, this was not the ODI cricket we know today as players wore white clothing and the game included a red ball. It was in 1977 that the image of cricket as we know it discovered itself.

When was the Twenty20 cricket tournament launched?Then the face of cricket changed again in 2003 when ECB launched their domestic overs spin-off tournament called Twenty20. They aimed to ensure a full cricket match could be completed and played outside of school and office hours, with each innings of 20 lasting no longer than 90 mins. The initial T20 international was played in Auckland about two years later. Australia visited New Zealand in a high-scoring feast that was played in quite the relaxing spirits. Both of the sides wore retro outfits and fake 70’s moustaches in respect to what Packer introduced.

Betting On Cricket Online

You are probably wondering which cricket tournaments you can wager on. Well, first of all, you will have to differentiate between international and domestic cricket. We will start by focusing on the international part of the game. As it was explained above, there are currently 3 recognised formats of the game that are played out between Associate and full member nations.

Betting On Test Cricket

Test matches are played over 5 days, giving us enough time to come up with a solid cricket betting strategy. There are currently ten nations that have such status – South Africa, West Indies, England, India, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh. This type is considered to be the pinnacle of the game.

How is the test cricket game played?Each test game is played over fifteen sessions with a complete of 90 scheduled in each day. Because of the natural length of the match, athletes have to deal with a variety of conditions. Batting could be quite easy on the first day due to a flat wicket. However, by the fourth and fifth day, the pitch could be changed up through the natural tear and wear, offering spin bowlers the chance to make life tough for batsman with variable turn and bounce.

Likewise humid, cloudy conditions in a morning sessions could make battling tough, with the ball swinging around. If the batsman manages to survive a tough spell like this, he could be rewarded in the afternoon sessions when the sun comes out. Clear conditions, an older ball and an attack could make it times easier than an hour or two before that.

In a shorter innings match like a T20 or ODI, these various scenarios and conditions are not given time to unfold, meaning players have to be more adaptable to succeed in the long run. Ever changing conditions mean scores in Test matches can be vastly different from day-to-day.

Test match series are usually nowadays no longer than 3 match series, with the only exception a series or more of the 4 main nations – England, India, Australia and South Africa.

Betting On One Day Cricket

It does not matter if it is T20 or ODI cricket, as it will still be treated as less important than Test by a lot of punters in the UK, coloured clothing and white balls are preferred by the players and spectators in the Middle East and Asia.

How to bet on one day cricket?In spite of a few attempts at ticketing from the ICC, One Day’s have stayed the same since the Packer-inspired starter days. They are often played as day nighters. Each side bats for fifty overs with the winner naturally being the side that scores the most runs. The main difference in playing conditions from test is the mandatory fielding restrictions placed on a side depending on what stage the match is in. Currently, a captain is only allowed to station a couple of fielders outside the thirty-yard circle during overs one to ten giving batsmen license to find the boundary in these overs.

ODI series between a couple of sides tend to be played as 3, 4 or 5 series. A lot of nations take part in a series where 3 teams play each other twice before a one-off final decides who wins.

There are a couple of ODI world-wide ICC tournaments, both of which a player on a four-year cycle. There is the ICC Trophy and the ICC World Cup. We can give you cricket betting tips for these events are available everywhere online, as a lot of punters love betting on them.

Betting On T20 Cricket

Watch cricket on TVTwenty20 cricket is growing at a fast rate, with a lot of international sides dropping many ODIs or a Test match to schedule more of the games with a shorter format. Once TV companies cottoned on that T20 could offer the quick-fix excitement that a lot of 21st-century sports fans demand, so it was only a matter of time before the volume increased.

Similar to ODIs, captains have to deal with fielding restrictions in Twenty20 cricket. The first six overs are set-up to allow batsmen to have the freedom and space to hit boundaries with just two fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle. The remaining 14 allow more breathing space for the fielding side, with 5 of them allowed to patrol the fences.

Cricket players entertain the publicBoth of the limited overs are in the main aimed at allowing athletes to entertain the crowd with shorter boundaries, flat pitches and many runs that are often on offer. Various skills are required for players to succeed in the formats that are not required in Tests. As the years keep passing, cricketers that only excel in T20 or ODI are not online gaining more respect with the cricket watching public.

Domestic cricket has never been better for a fan to make a living. Twenty20 cricket is responsible for this, with almost all of the major nations hosting their annual tournament which means that punters cannot only wager on international tournaments. They can bet on matches played domestically all over the world. Many of the best-limited cricketers are not freelancers for many T20 sides.

Choosing A Bookmaker for Cricket Betting

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*T&C’s apply to all of the offers!

Many bookies offer a wide range of cricket betting markets. They cover all of the obvious markets that we have already mentioned as well as some other side markets that we enjoy like individual player performance points under/over markets. This is where an athlete is scored 1pt per run, 10 points per catch, 20 for a wicket throughout the duration of the match. With some research, this betting tip can be a decent way to make money from a side market while you keep having a betting interest throughout the duration of a game.

Wich are the best cricket bookmakers?For example, Paddy Power specialize in offering match up bets for batsman, great if you like that a specific batsman is in good form and is likely to outscore an opponent or teammate during a specific match.

Skybet is another bookie that deserves a mention for a growing list of cricket markets. They may not be the most extensive one, but they offer excellent value for your money by often offering the largest odds for a lot of outright winning market.

Here are a few things to look for from in bookie for your gambling:

  • Reputability – you should not work too hard to risk losing your money by a scam artist. Always use a bookie recommended by us.
  • Odds – these will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, sometimes quite a lot. For example, if you are in the marker for ODI odds, Test cricket odds, T20 gambling odds, odds comparison sites can help you find the very best odds for your wagers.
  • Cricket Betting Markets – Not all bookies cover the same betting markets, and some of them cater more for cricket than others. Odds comparison websites list all of the available markets for betting and the bookmakers that are covering them.
  • In-Play Betting – This will never replace gambling on the overall outcome of tournaments or matches, it is great fun, one can wager live and the results could be very profitable.
  • Live Streaming Service – If you are on the go, travelling on a train, working at the office, you are able to watch the game on your device, PC, laptop and indulge in so live betting bliss.

If you are wondering which sportsbook is the best to suit your needs and offer the best bonuses, you should check out our cricket bookies reviews.

Cricket Betting Tips

It can be really hard to find profitable cricket betting predictions and tips. It is true that there are hundreds of tipsters online that make betting predictions on a daily basis, but it is hard to tell which of them are legitimate in the long term and which are not. This is why we are here, you can trust our team. We are here to teach you how to win betting on cricket.

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