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Enter the Guide About the Best Cricket Betting Odds and Lines

Punters who use the best cricket betting odds to wager, have notices that during the last decade, cricket has grown in popularity. Now you can place cricket bets on basically any sportsbook out there. In our article, you will be introduced to everything you might need to know about cricket odds so that you will know how to place a proper smart bet.

The cricket betting industry is rich when it comes to variety since you can place wagers on many markets with various formats. For instance, there are Twenty20 cricket, one-day matches, and 4/5-day matches. Moreover, there is a selection of matches on the national and county levels.

  • Cricket format – you will be told the different match formats that you can place bets on.
  • Betting markets – you will be revealed a few betting markets in the cricket world.

Cricket Types that You Can Place Bets on

Here are the most popular cricket betting types.


Can you bet on twenty20 cricket games? This format revolutionised cricket. This format’s purpose is to compete for a limit of 20 overs with both teams having 10 wickets. It is a fast-paced format, which means that in-play betting is quite interesting since the odds can significantly change in a short period of time. It is a popular format among gamblers because of the sheer number of games that are played worldwide every day.

One-day cricket:

As its name suggests, this is a cricket match in which the outcome is concluded in one day. This has an advantage over 4/5 day matches because you do not have to wait for a long time for your wager to be concluded. One-day cricket came out in the 60’s, but only acquired popularity in that period.

Test cricket:

This format takes up to five days for a game to be completed, and these days is considered to be an old-fashioned way to play cricket. Nevertheless, this format gives a lot of opportunities for gamblers to make predictions on matches.

There are other cricket formats on which you can keep an eye out for, and they include the Indian Premier League, Ashes, T20 Blast, the Cricket World Championship, Big Bash League, as well as some other tournaments that take place in India.

The Best Cricket Markets You Can Place Bets On

Check out the top cricket markets! When you are placing a bet on cricket, you must select the market wisely. Cricket betting odds will depend largely on the market you are looking at. Here are the top markets you should consider:

  • Sixes: – Wager on the athlete who you think will acquire the most sixes during the match.
  • Winning the toss: – Each game starts with a toss to determine who will start the game, and you can place a bet to predict who will win the toss.
  • Man of the match: – In most matches, there is a certain player who has an amazing day and has the best match overall – you can place a wager ton which athlete it will be.
  • Batsmen and bowlers: – In each match, there are a few bowlers and batsmen that rise above the rest and you can bet on who will be the best in the game.
  • The win: – The most straight-forward bet that you can make is to predict which team will win the match.

Cricket Odds Explained

In order to explain cricket odds, we will need an example. Consider that India is playing vs. Australia in a Test Match. The odds are 1.66 for India, 4.60 for Australia, and 4.33 for a Draw. If you decide to wager on India, and you bet 1000 rupees, you will receive 1,660 rupees if they win. This means that you get your 1000 wager plus an additional 660 that you have won.

How do betting odds work for cricket? Betting odds x wager amount = Payout

Thus, you just have to multiply your bet amount with the odds to figure out how much you are going to get if your bet wins. If you wager 325 rupees on Australia at 4.60, you will receive 1,495 if they win. This means that all you have to do is multiply how much you bet on your event with the odds to figure out how much you will get if your bet is successful.

How Can I Use Betting Odds for Cricket?

Betting on cricket is not only about the prospect of trying to decide who will win the game or the eventual proposition wager, it hinges on much more if you have ambitions to earn money in the long run.

If all of your wagers are done at only one sportsbook, you will most likely miss out on quite a lot of value. This is because, even if you are able to choose the winner correctly on every single game, getting the highest odds will still be very important. The return is greater in the short run, and this will be very complicated in the future.

Getting the best cricket betting odds is much more than half the battle – actually, it is very close to the full battle.

But Why are the Odds So Important?

Importance of the odds for cricket betting! In order to emphasise how important getting the highest possible odds is, we will show you an example with a couple of punters. We will call them punter A and B for your ease. Both of them are winners and can pick successful bets at a rate of 65%.

On average, punter A gets odds of 1.90, while B does some research and receives rates of 2.00 on average. Let’s say that both of them wager on 1000 games per year. This will leave them with approximately 650 wins and 350 losses. If each time they bet $500, their results will look like this:

  • Punter A: 650 x 0.90 + 350 x (-1) = 235 x $500 = $117.500
  • Punter B: 650 x 1.00 + 350 x (-1) = 300 x $500 = $150.000

This is a difference of $32.50. You are missing out on additional funds only because you refuse to do a little research. Some of you might cry out “alternative cost” or another reason, but when this action can be automated so easily or does not take much time, you have to get your act together. If you collect just one tidbit of brand new understanding from our site, getting the best possible odds should be the most crucial thing you do regarding online sports betting.

How Can I Find the Best Cricket Betting Odds?

We have already mentioned doing a bit of research, but we will explain what it requires. It means the action of looking around at various bookmakers for the best price on your wager. It is similar to how you would usually check various stores for different prices on a new car that you intend to buy or a leather jacket.

Most people will not rush in to buy it at the first and best place but will check out the pricing at other stores so that they will hopefully save some money. The same goes for gambling. When you find a bet you like, you will want to find the best odds are and you can do so through a little research.

Find the best odds for wagering on cricket! If this was a perfect world, you would have funds deposited in every online cricket betting site so that you will always be able to check for the best available odds during any time you desire to place a wager. However, unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and most of you are restricted with limited available funds, which makes it tough.

In this case, we advise you keep funds with at least two bookies, and from then add more as your bankroll increases or if your needs for other markets change.

Where Can I Find the Best Cricket Match Odds?

The answer is that it depends. If you are wondering why this answer is so boring, it is because it is the truth. Decent odds usually spawn when the sportsbooks are making a mistake or are trying to unload some of the action that they have gotten on a different side. This usually happens with various frequency and different sites.

However, there are bookmakers that routinely offer better betting rates than others for cricket, in particular. For example, Pinnacle Sports, who serves the market and welcomes pro punters with open arms. They may not offer fancy promotions and bonuses, but they try to squeeze the lines to the fullest potential, which makes you win more when your bets are successful.

If you have Pinnacle in your arsenal when you bet online, you will be able to win in the long term. However, you should remember that the market here is ruled by other clever punters, which means that the lines are usually quite efficient, so you should double check your reasons for gambling online before you continue with your punting.

Bet365 Offers Some of the Best Odds in the Industry

Using the best odds for cricket punters! Currently, the crown of the best bookmaker belongs to bet365 for many reasons. When it comes to cricket, they provide some of the best odds as well as an option for mobile betting on the sport.

With bet365, you have the luxury to watch the games you have placed bets on via live streaming. This means that you can place live cricket betting odds. This adds an additional dimension to cricket betting that you might have not had with other sportsbooks in the past.

If you want to get an overall picture of what you can expect at bet365, you should peek at our review.

The welcome incentive at the bookie is amazing since you can get a 100% matched bonus up to £200. There is no need to mention that this is an incredible deal. You have to understand that there will be a few requirements to have this bonus released and that is to wager the deposit once at 1.5 odds, evens, or more. When you do a cricket betting odds comparison, you might find that bet365 is one of the best ones out there.


Now that we have explained cricket odds comparison, the rest is entirely up to you. You also have access to the best bookmakers at which you can compare the odds, you can make a choice considering which one of them will benefit you the most.  You should try and consider the different available betting markets, the welcome bonus, and the games that are being offered. Most of the bookies provide amazing welcome bonuses, which is the reason why you have to try a few of them. You will be sure which one you like the most after you have given several of them a shot.

You should also keep in mind that the online betting industry is constantly changing. There are a lot of bookmakers that compete for your attention which leads to changes in the odds and offers on a regular basis. Thus, you should not settle on only one bookie without keeping an eye out on what the rest of the industry is doing. We hope that with the help of this article, you will have a much better idea of how to place a clever bet and choose the bookie that is the closest to fulfil your requirements.

Last modified: March 14th, 2018 by Amit Patel
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