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Effective Online Cricket Betting Strategy – Tricks and Techniques

Punters shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper cricket betting strategy. Just like any other sport, cricket is not easy to wager on and make a living off. However, it is not impossible either. In reality, if you just follow several simple tips and not letting your emotions get in the way, you will be able to make serious money out of betting on cricket. There is a secret that only a bunch of punter know and that is that cricket and baseball offer a bigger advantage in value betting than other sports. All you have to do is pick your own cricket betting strategy.

Here, we are going to pinpoint the key areas every beginner cricket punter has to know like, for instance, Value Betting, which tipsters on social media you should follow, as well as which software to use in order to be able to perform data mining.

You should know that at the end of the day, you will only get out of betting, what you have placed in it. What you have to do is open a bookie account, and from there on it is a ride of falling and learning to be able to rise higher.

We decided to include the word Basic in our title since we think that the article will lean more towards the ones who are just starting out in the gambling world.

Open Accounts with a Few Bookies

During the last decade, the gambling industry has really flourished. Now, we see dozens of sportsbooks which are all working their butts off to attempt and get you to sign up with them. It is true that bookmakers have increased in numbers, but we have seen the quality of sites continues to grow because of the competition.

The modern armada of reputable sportsbooks has lush designs, enticing bonus offers, and a massive plethora of markets and sports. However, you should be sure to only deposit with trustworthy gambling sites in the Indian market. New bookmakers come and go all the time. We are completely willing to give new websites a try, but it is better to stick with the companies that have a history.

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*T&C’s apply to all of the offers!

What you should take from all this is that it should be your main priority to ensure yourself that you utilise these bookies to their full potential. It is true that some are much better than others, but only a few of them offer the complete package.

It is true that one might be the best priced on a specific game, but they most likely are not in every single game. The exact same thing goes for bonuses, as they may be running an offer on a specific market, but after that, they become basically useless as their competitors are doing a much better job.

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

This is a crucial factor for every type of gambling, and cricket is not an exception. We will not go into massive detail or give you a limit on how much you should bet, but we will say that you should be looking at your individual wager as money that you can afford to lose. You will find that the mass of bets will lose, which is basically a part of the betting industry. So, you are probably wondering, how pro punters are making a living.

Learn to manage your money for cricket betting! The truth is that they stay away from bets they are uncertain about, gamble small amounts on most of the games and place a big wager on well-handicapped games.

This way a huge bet with a high probability of winning can outrank several losses of small wagers. Money management, as well as a stable bankroll, make sure that when you lose a bet, you will have the opportunity to recover with a profit. At the end of the day managing your finances is more important than successful wagers.

The amount of your bankroll is a very personal thing. There are people who might agree to place 50 units every week, and there are others who might say their limit is 50,000 units for a week. If you are a beginner, you should start low to test your cricket betting strategy and ask yourself why are you doing this, for the greed or for the passion of playing?

It is much more important to know when to stop rather than when to start.

We introduce a 3-5% for our wagers. This means that we never bet more than 3-5% of our bankroll on any bet. This might sound too conservative to many of you, but it lets us to not go broke and not having to reload your account. We have found out that this allows us to take shots at larger bets when we feel it is needed as well as to keep under control when there is a possible downswing.

Make a bet of 1-3% on matches in which things are not entirely clear but tilted to your side and 5% ones when you have the best odds of winning.

Choose the Betting Line Which Offers the Best Value

Sportsbooks offer a few different types of wagers for cricket, which is probably the first port of call when making our selections since we do our best to decide what type of wagers we want to include through the day.

Which betting line should cricket punters choose? When it comes to betting on cricket, the majority of bets will be singles because of the nature of the sport as well as the limited number of matches that are being played.

So, once you have spent time considering the possible selections, you might find that a double, a treble, or an accumulator bet might provide the best possible bet type for the day. This is what punters call a value bet, and it is determined by making your personal betting lines.

You should isolate two value matches out of 50 to wager on.

The main thing you can do is to be flexible in the wagers you want to place. There have been many times where we have gone and said that we are looking for five potential single wagers for the day, and after many hours of research, managed to find only one. It has happened the other way around as well.

There are other more frequently seen bets in cricket like Best Bowler, Best Batsman as well as Man of the Game. Which type of bet you decide to choose will depend on the money line you have built after your selection, and the bet with the highest value will be the wager of the day.

Choose the Game Format

The next thing we do is choose the game format. This could be ODI, Test match, Twenty20 or any other.

There is typically a massive range taking place around the world, and we think that the game types that are in season are the matches that we usually target because of the information that is already available.

For instance, if the IPL was in full swing, then we would entirely concentrate on the tournament. Moreover, if a Test Series was happening, then it would be our first port of call.

What is the best cricket game format for punters? Also, we tend to focus more on one format over the others. Thus, when the Twenty20 games are taking place, it is usually easier to stick with this format since you can make your selections much easier than flicking between that and a Test Match.

However, this is a personal preference, but it does work for us.

Match Selection

Simply scroll through the matches that are taking place today and see if any of them stand out regarding value. The range of markets that are on offer for each game will not be too overwhelming and will be around 20. Thus, betting on markets should be easily manageable. Just quickly browse through what is going on and then take a look at the prices that are involved, as this will let you get to the next steps more quickly.

Note that we will only use a specific bookie to find out which markets and games we want to target. We, however, do encourage you to use several bookmakers for gambling on cricket, but this will be more apparent in our strategy later on.

We advise you to check out blogs, and social media, as that is where the buzz is.

Once we gather about a dozen bets we like, it is time to move on and research the picks we have made this far.

Pro punter Wayne Allen says that you cannot win with quantity, you can only do so with quality.

Looking for the Best Odds with the Best Value

Take advantage of the best cricket gambling odds! Once we are comfortable with the selections, we have already made it is time to go and see if the odds offer any value to us. We like to make notes with our selections of which has bigger potential than the others and which are the generally stronger wagers. After that, you can go back to your bookie to see the odds for that market and decide if you think that they will be worthwhile.

When You Should Place a Winning Bet

Now that you have exhausted all of the available information, it is time to pull the trigger and place your bet. This is usually the toughest part of the process, but it is one in which you should be the most confident about.

If you feel that you have spent enough time making sure that your wagers are researched as well as possible, then there is not much more you could do.

A final thought is to not get too hung up on the results of your wager. This might sound strange, however, at times your wager will lose, and this is something that you will have to learn to live with. If you make good decisions in the build-up to your wagers, then you will win in the long-term.

A technique that you can master is placing in-play wagers during the course of the game.

How You Can Maximise Your Profits with Cricket Betting

The main point when it comes to gambling on cricket is to make money. This is usually true for all types of gambling, but it is also one of the toughest things to do. If it was easy or simple, everyone would be doing it. Cricket is definitely a gold mine for punters, and you should just focus on the value.

Make a profit from betting on cricket online! A thing that we have noticed over the many years of gambling on cricket is that if you put in the work, you will start to see better results and a bigger Return On Investment (ROI).

One of the top things about gambling on cricket these days is that there is a massive plethora of information that could be found online. Since online databases become more and more advanced, you will begin to see stats from various players and lesser leagues around the world.

This, in turn, offers up a massive range of leagues and markets to wager on, rather than just guessing which market or team to gamble on.

You can spend days researching one match to see if it holds any value.

As we already mentioned, the variables are never-ending, which means that making selections is hard. If you are just starting out, we advise you not to worry about the things that you cannot control like the weather and the form of the team.

There are stats that are set in stone for that game, there is no getting away from them, and they will most likely provide you with an easier nurture into the world of cricket betting.

Below you will be able to find some resources that we use when we need information for our wagers. They are basically all based online and are all free to use, so there are no excuses.

Last modified: October 17th, 2018 by Amit Patel
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