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Place Wagers at the Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

Cricket is without a doubt one of the most popular sports worldwide, and as you can see from the online cricket betting sites – the game has seen massive growth in the gambling industry in the last decade. One of the main reasons for this growth is the exposure the sport receives from TV outlets.

There is no need to mention that in India, cricket is huge, and the online cricket betting websites are very popular. A lot of the people in the country are mad about this sport and even play it every week.

It is highly unlikely that cricket betting will become as popular as gambling on football. However, it does make a massive market on its own, particularly with the Indian Premier League.

We have gathered a collection of helpful information for the ones who want to up their skills in betting on cricket, including online cricket betting tips, strategy and most importantly a list of the most trusted cricket betting sites in India.

How to Choose a Bookie for IPL Online Cricket Betting

This short and sweet guide will explain what you need to know in order to be able to wager on cricket from India. We will start with how to pick a proper bookmaker. It will not take long to realise that there are a tonne of cricket betting sites out there that are all looking to get you to choose them. Some of you might find the choice overwhelming, but it actually puts you in the best possible position when choosing which site to play at.

You can target a sportsbook that meets all of your needs. However, the competition will fight get you to choose them by throwing freebies in your face. Thus, it is crucial not to get your head turned too much by it and concentrate on making decisions which will help you down the road.

For gambling on cricket, we strongly recommend Bet365. They offer the widest range of betting options for both domestic and international tournaments, including the Indian Premier League. Moreover, you can deposit using INR, and you can even view bets in the same currency, which is quite helpful and rarely seen.

The India’s TOP 6 Cricket Bookies Online for 2018

Bookmaker Bonus Rating Accessible Play
  • 4.9
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 4.9
  • In-play: 4.9
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review
15% up to ₹2500
  • 4.8
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 4.9
  • In-play: 4.8
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review
  • 5.0
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 5.0
  • In-play: 4.9
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review
  • 4.7
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 4.7
  • In-play: 4.6
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review
Royal Panda
  • 4.6
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 4.3
  • In-play: 4.2
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review
Spin Palace
  • 4.5
  • out of 5
  • Markets: 4.2
  • In-play: 4.1
PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review

*T&C’s apply to all of the offers!

All websites we rank are abundant in cricket markets, with plenty of pre-match and live betting options on the major international tournaments like T20 Internationals, The Ashes, ODI Series, as well as local leagues like the Tamil Nadu Premier League, and the Caribbean Premier League, the Australian Big Bash League, and the County Championship Division and Women’s Super League in England. Here’s what else we found beneficial enough to warrant a place in our Top 5 of online cricket sites.

BetwayBetway tops our list for the simple reason that it meets all of our criteria. Their massive volume of markets (over 12,000), a variety of bets, and high betting limits offer plenty of choice to all punters. The operator has successfully incorporated all contemporary features a bookie needs – in-play betting, live streaming, cashout option, and a mobile app allowing quick adjustment of bets in the nick of time.
Betway also has a great welcome offer of £30 in free bets for new customers. The only downside to this bookie could be from the perspective of a high roller, since they have been known to limit accounts, and are not exactly openly in favor of arbing, but for a recreational punter, their offerings are more than enough for a satisfying betting experience. Read our review of Betway.

Bet365Bet365 is an operator that’s impossible to go wrong with. Cricket fans here can enjoy an astounding variety of markets for the top international events. In-Play betting, cashout, and Bet Builder are just some of the features that put bet365 ahead of the competition. A massive number of markets and hundreds of different types of bets are also available for other sports, making bet365 a punter’s best friend. Native apps, convenient banking options, and cutting-edge security guarantee a safe and gratifying betting experience. What about a bonus, you ask. Of course, bet365 offers not only a great welcome bonus but also offers different promotions like in-play free bets, ACCA insurance, and more. Read our review of Bet365.

BetfairBetfair boasts the ‘best odds on cricket’ but that’s not the only reason it makes the cut for our Top 3 of recommended operators. This bookie offers a betting exchange, unlimited accounts, and a responsible gambling section with many useful tools and features, all attesting to its customer-first approach.
betfair has great welcome bonuses – free £20 exchange bet and as much as £100 in free bets for the new customers who sign up with the sportsbook. There are also a native sportsbook and exchange apps for iOS and Android devices that along with the cashout feature add even more flexibility to the in-play betting and live streaming (cricket events included) made available on the site. Read our review of Betfair.

888sport888sport hardly needs any introduction. Their casino has been dominating the market for over 20 years now and the sportsbook is also one of the most popular names in sports betting, having been online for a decade. Even though it doesn’t offer exchange and is not exactly the go-to bookie for arbitrage betting, 888sport can accommodate all recreational punters with hundreds of markets for a single event, a great variety of sports, and some of the best odds in the industry. It’s got all the features of a modern bookie, like
  • in-play betting
  • live streaming
  • cashout

which are all at your fingertips at all times thanks to their innovative super-slick mobile app. The bookie covers the biggest cricket leagues, and even though cricket is not included in its “Bet and watch” section, the detailed statistics available on the site, as well as the guides in their blog will help even newcomers plan an effective betting strategy. 888sport welcomes new players with £30 in free bets, plus many more free bets, ACCA boosts, and event- and market-specific promotions. Read our review of 888sport.

Royal PandaRoyal Panda is the newest sportsbook in our Top 5, and similarly to 888sport, it follows in the footsteps of a popular casino brand. As a new bookie, Royal Panda places emphasis on the latest trends and has some of the most elaborate eSports sections. Still, traditional sports are covered as well, with over 2,000 markets on more than 50 sports.
Cricket is one of the most popular sports here, so you can try different pre-match and in-play betting options on all the major leagues. While the welcome bonus is pretty standard £20 free bet and there aren’t that many more other promos, what we like about the site is the unique layout that seems to cohesively tie together all the sections right at your fingertips, so you can schedule your in-play betting diary and even customise your experience with the help of the event calendar and Multiview option. Read our review of Royal Panda.

Trustworthiness and Reputation of Cricket Betting Websites

When you are choosing a cricket betting site, before you consider anything else, we advise you to look at the site of your choice’s reputation. If it is bad, it is not a good idea to join them. They might have massive bonuses, incredible betting markets and so on, but that does not matter if they will not pay out when you win.

If you do not want to worry about your safety, we advise you to only deal with sites that have existed for a long time on the market. This is one of the main reasons Bet365 tops our list. They have been online since the year of 2000.

However, the history of their company dates back to 1974. There is also no need to mention that they are one of the most respected cricket bookmakers in the industry.

Pricing and Odds

What is the pricing for betting on cricket? Once you manage to find the bonus deal that suits you best, the next factor you need to consider is the available pricing for the markets that you are interested in betting on. However, one of the downsides of betting on cricket rather than something like gambling on football is that the competitive odds just do not exist. Moreover, when you bet on football, the margins are much larger than if you do so on cricket.

However, this works in two ways, since the bookmaker that you choose will likely be close to the best priced in the industry. But, you should be aware that this is not the case with all of the markets. Events like the International Test Series and the IPL will be much more competitive regarding betting odds.

We highly recommend you to compare the bookies to find the best priced markets. If you are wondering if there are any online cricket betting apps that can make this easier for you, there aren’t, but manually checking does not take a lot of time, so do not worry. It might seem like a tedious process, spending a little time before you decide which bookie to choose could prove to be quite lucrative later on.

Online Cricket Betting Options and Markets

The next step is to make sure that the bookie offers a vast variety of markets to bet on. It is true that every sportsbook will offer some markets for cricket, the range usually varies quite a lot. Unfortunately, unlike sports like football, the coverage on cricket could be tiny or massive. Usually, the games are not covered in detail, but if you choose one of the larger bookies, you will have a wide selection to choose from.

Check the cricket markets on the internet! Betting on the IPL have much more markets than smaller Indian leagues. However, there are bookies which will cover even the lower leagues at least to a reasonable standard. It is crucial to determine the markets you want to wager on and see which sportsbooks cover them in detail. Earlier we mentioned that it is important to pick a bookie with the best possible odds around, but the truth is that if they do not offer the markets you want to bet on, then there is no point to sign up with them.

Moreover, some sportsbooks will only offer options like draw, lose, or win options for specific matches, while other bookies will offer a much wider variety of betting opportunities for a certain match like in-play and prob bets.

If you want to bet on more than one outcome of a match, make sure that the site you choose offers a wide range of markets.

Promotions and Bonuses

The simplest way in which bookies will try to entice you is by offering a welcome incentive. These bonuses might not be linked to betting on cricket directly, but they will most likely include the sport as an opportunity to wager on the promotions that they offer.

The incentives usually range from casino and poker games and obviously sports betting. They also range quite a lot in what they offer you, with cash back, free bets and enhanced odds being the most popular ones.

You are probably wondering why this is listed last since it is usually the first thing that most punters consider. The reason is that we would prefer to have diverse betting options and a trusted site than a large betting bonus.

Importance of the Bonuses

Are there cricket betting bonuses online? We are not saying that the bonuses are not important, but a lot of low-quality or shady betting sites might offer massive bonuses to lure in unsuspecting new customers. Usually, the top sites do not have to do this since players join them for the quality they offer.

It is crucial to know what type of punter you are so that you will sign up with a bookie ensuring that you will get the best possible return from your registration.

High Volume – If you are looking to spend a considerable amount of time with the bookmaker and make a fair number of bets over the next weeks, you should be looking at the higher scale of the bonuses. These types of promotions will take a longer time to clear, but they will offer you much more money than a single free bet.

If your plan is to hang around anyways, then the extended length of time it will take to receive your bonus means that you will make a lot more money as a result.

Low Volume – If you are looking to get in, earn some cash and get out, you should be looking at free bets with options for small deposits. These will likely come with the easiest clearing process, which means that it will take you a small number of wagers to claim the free money.

Terms of the Promotion

Finally, regarding to looking to get your promotions, we would like to recommend you to look at the terms and conditions at the bookmaker before you sign up.

This includes information about how much you will be able to make, how much time you have to spend the money and what are the clearing requirements that you have to go through to get your free money.

Read the terms for using an online bonus! There are times in which a betting offer will seem lucrative, but the requirements to receive a full benefit from it are impossible to fulfil. In the gambling industry, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely really is. You will find out that the most reputable sites offer smaller incentives but with easier to fulfil T&C’s.

It is also going to be worth to see where betting on cricket comes into free bets. It is highly likely that the mass of cricket betting markets count towards your bonus, but sometimes they are targeted to the larger sports like horse racing and football, so you should check this before you sign up.

Making Selections

After you put in some effort to make sure that you choose a bookie which is going to give you a decent range of markets to wager on, a sign-up promotion, and competitive pricing, it will be time to start placing your wagers to make some money.

Professional punters will spend the mass of their day researching the possible wagers that they believe will give them back a decent return. Even if you are not a professional punter and have a job, research has to take up the mass of your betting time. You have to make sure that no matter how much time you can afford to invest in betting, most of it should be done researching the best picks for value bets.

Learn how cricket punters make a selection! Cricket has more variables than most sports. Pitch condition, team selection, weather, and head to heads can have a massive impact on the betting markets. In fact, cricket is a sport in which many punters get lost and overthink their wagers.

You cannot be overprepared, but there must be a limit to how much time you invest in your choices. The first thing you have to understand is the format of the online cricket betting games you want to wager on. It might be Test match, T20 or ODI cricket.

It is completely possible for one team to be the best at one format of the game, but be worthless at another. You should invest your time in researching picks for a certain format of the game, and while we would not dismiss the team’s form in the rest of the formats, you should not get too hung up if they are struggling in one.

What is easy to do is to see what other punters have selected for their wagers. This is a decent way to research your bets if you have a small amount of time to do it yourself. It might work really well if you find a reputable tipster, or a professional who has made a selection and other people agree with them. These guys will usually know what they are on about, and you will have some type of backbone to your choices instead of just betting just to bet.

Things You Should Consider

We will start with what is considered to be the golden rule of gambling, and that is to only wager what you can afford to lose. You should never wager with funds that you need to live off, or that is important to you. If you are not a pro bettor, betting should be considered as a pastime or a hobby, from which you can make a profit.

Important details that cricket bidding punters should know! Wagering out of your means might lead to a slippery slope, and you might start wagering without a clear mind that will lead to even larger losses. You should always set a limit and try to stick to it.

We advise you to stick with the betting markets that you fully understand. It might be a specific team, league, or format of the game, but until you familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of your bookie, stick with what you know. When you begin to become more profitable with these bet types, then you will start to expand into other aspects of sports and betting markets if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our readers send us many questions with various topics on a daily basis, and we are glad to answer all of them. But, there are several that keep popping up over and over again. Here are the answers to the most common inquiries our readers send us.

You should, however, note that you can find answers to most of these questions in articles on our site. We will link them when it is relevant.

Is it Possible to Win Real Money when Betting on Cricket?

Yes, it is. But will you? Unfortunately, probably not. Betting on sports is a business for the sites that offer it, and they are not going through all that trouble to lose money. This means that you have to have a large hill to climb in trying to outsmart people that are making boatloads of money from losing punters and employ thousands of people to make sure that the odds are set correctly.

Place real money bets on cricket matches! For you to end up as a winner while betting on cricket you have to bet within your limits, have a knack to analyse odds and have patience. You can’t rely on simple betting strategies or go with your gut, this is not enough to outsmart the best cricket betting sites with their massive statistics databases and knowledge of the sports.

However, even though you are most likely not going to win, it should not have to make a difference. We cannot win in every single sport we follow and most of us keep a fun-fund in which we place bets only for fun and try to outwit the best oddsmakers hoping to win. It is much more fun than grinding away at gambling.

It is true that we might be losing money, but is there a type of entertainment that does not cost money? And this is what gambling should be – fun and entertaining.

This depends entirely on the country in which you currently reside. If you live in the UK you will be glad to hear that it is entirely legal to wager on cricket, which means that you can sign-up with a site, deposit funds, wager on the game and withdraw whatever you manage to win without any issues.

In other countries, for example like India, it is more like a grey area. The laws there state that it is illegal to wager online, but there are still a lot of gambling sites that allow you to play, we recommend you to read Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. It is really tough to enforce a law of such proportions, and most of the countries do not bother to do so. However, if you decide to go ahead and bet anyways, you have to understand the risks that you are taking on. The team at advises you to always read up on your local laws that concern betting online in 2018.

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