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AstroPay Review – Cricket Betting Sites That Accept AstroPay Card

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AstroPay is a prepaid card service that offers virtual cards for all types of online transactions. Unlike a majority of prepaid debit card companies in the market, AstroPay does not provide its services under the Visa or the Mastercard logos. The company, however, chooses to promote its brand through the AstroPay trademark and has developed a secure payment platform that promises instant transactions without the inconvenience of having to disclose sensitive financial information or credit card details to merchants. All AstroPay Cards are virtual, where users are not required to have a physical version of their cards for online payments.

AstroPay also offers an instant payment solution in the form of AstroPay Direct, which offers the convenience of transferring money to merchant accounts through a local bank. The Direct transfer option also enables transactions in local currencies, but the services are only supported in a select few countries.

However, for sports betting, punters can use the AstroPay Card for making deposits into their betting accounts and use it for making payments to hundreds of online merchants that support the payment option. Even e-wallets such as NETELLER allows its users to add AstroPay Cards to their accounts for online funds transfer, so it is only natural for us to find out more about using AstroPay in the online cricket betting industry.

Online Cricket Bookmakers Using AstroPay

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PC, Tablet, Phone Read Review

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How Does AstroPay Regulation Affect the Security of Funds?

AstroPay across the worldThe regulatory and licensing matters of the company are assumed by different operations that are scattered across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. AstroPay is undoubtedly looking forward to establishing a significant market presence by improving its exposure in the online financial payments market. Therefore, the company has opted to offer geo-targeted services by entering some of the major economies of the world, which in turn helped the brand to cater to a broader audience.

AstroPay Europe, under the Emerge Global Ltd brand, is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, while its global operations are regulated in England and Wales. AstroPay also has licenses in Brazil, Panama, and Hong Kong, which helps the company to cater specifically to clients from these regions.

The card provider holds its users’ funds in segregated accounts and utilizes the latest encryption technologies to ensure that each card is protected against misuse or scams. Being a prepaid card, AstroPay is perhaps one of the best banking options for funding a cricket betting account, as it gives an additional layer of security over conventional credit/debit cards.

AstroPay users can also use different cards for different cricket bookmakers, which indeed prevents a merchant from indulging in any financial fraud or unauthorized transactions. AstroPay virtual debit cards can only be used any number of times until the balance is depleted. Once the balance reaches zero, users must opt for a new card, as they don’t have an option to top up or replenish the card with new credit.

Is AstroPay Available in India?

AstroPay card, IndiaInternational prepaid debit cards are banned in India unless they are authorized by the country’s financial institutions and the Reserve Bank of India. The Indian Government faces numerous issues due to money laundering and illegal financial transactions, which forced the authorities to implement several laws that included the ban on prepaid cards. However, it is legal for Indians to acquire a prepaid card in multiple currencies, provided they can display enough evidence of the source of funds and the nature of transactions.

AstroPay India provides an opportunity for its users to purchase cards and load them with different currencies, but it does not appear to be an official component of the company. Nevertheless, users can still sign up for their services and purchase cards through different local routes, where the INR, the EUR, and the USD seems to be the most popular currencies among punters. Nowadays, bookmakers accept deposits in multiple local currencies, which gives ample choices for choosing a good quality betting operator for online cricket betting.

Purchasing an AstroPay Card

Purchase an AstroPay cardAs for an AstroPay Card, Indian users can buy a virtual debit card from any trusted online retailer or sign up for an account directly with the AstroPay website. Both options allow users to purchase any number of prepaid cards that have variable limits on each card option and can be individually customized according to users’ preferences.

The card can be funded by paying cash or by using a credit/debit card through the local payment method, but all user information will be kept confidential. Once the card is funded, users will receive a confirmation email, which then enables the cardholder to use their virtual card at any accepted online merchants or sportsbooks.

Although a card can be used multiple times until the available balance is used up, it cannot be renewed or topped up. However, you can move your existing balance to a new card, or merge the two cards, which can be performed through the AstroPay’s user dashboard.

The Funding Process of an AstroPay Card to a Bookmaker Account

The process of depositing funds to a sportsbook through AstroPay is almost the same as depositing with a credit/debit card. Online bookmakers have reserved an exclusive option for AstroPay users, where bettors are redirected to a dedicated payment interface that allows them to make the payment by entering their AstroPay information. You can transfer a part of the amount or the full amount available in your card to your betting account, subject to limitations imposed by the bookie.

One of the significant shortcomings of AstroPay is that it cannot be used to withdraw funds from a bookmaker, neither can it be used to withdraw funds in India through an ATM. Users should not compare AstroPay with an e-wallet, as the cards are merely designed to serve as a means to make an online payment without the hassles of traditional payment methods. They also help users to remain anonymous and prevent scams or fraudulent transactions by way of disclosing bank or card information to dubious betting operators. Therefore, most bookmakers only allow its AstroPay users to withdraw their winnings to a bank account, or an e-wallet, according to their payment policies.

Finding a Reliable AstroPay Supported Bookmaker

AstroPay works with hundreds of online merchants and has an excellent relationship with various sports betting sites in the market. Cricket bookmakers often find it easier to accept third-party card providers such as AstroPay due to the lower fees and instant payment solutions, while users also get the benefits of using the provider for their online transactions. Take a peek at some of our recommended AstroPay cricket betting sites to find a reliable bookmaker that suits your betting preferences.

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