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Using Neosurf Vouchers & Prepaid Cards for Cricket Betting

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Neosurf is an instant payment platform that serves as an online funding method for all types of cricket betting sites and online gambling operators. It’s not your conventional e-wallet or prepaid debit card service provider but has a voucher-based payment system that uses a one-time code for transactions without disclosing any personal or financial information of the users. Therefore, Neosurf is increasingly used by online players and established punters alike, as it offers the anonymity that is conspicuously absent from other payment processors.

Neosurf faces stiff competition from established payment portals in the market, particularly when e-wallets rule the industry with fast transactions, low fees, and 24X7 payment options. However, Neosurf does have its own USP that makes it a cut above the rest. Some players will also find Neosurf to be more preferable than the other funding methods available in the industry. Therefore, we provide you with some basic information about Neosurf and how it can be used for financial transactions with your favourite cricket betting operators.

Online Cricket Bookmakers Using Neosurf

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How to Use Neosurf for Deposits & Withdrawals at Sports Betting Sites

Neosurf for deposits and withdrawalsTo use Neosurf as your primary payment method, you must first choose a cricket bookmaker that accepts this payment option. We have a list of recommended cricket betting websites that accept this funding method, but every website will have a complete list of all of their default banking options on their website and the respective user account dashboard. Once you have found your preferred bookmaker, the next step is to make a deposit using the voucher.

In most cases of payments, including e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers, players are expected to open an account first and then make a payment to their preferred bookmaker. However, at Neosurf, punters don’t need to open an account, as all transactions occur through a voucher or a code that contains the necessary balance and payment details. Therefore, payments are highly secure, anonymous, and instant. Players can buy a voucher or a code through an authorised retailer, where payments can be made through a credit/debit card, cash payment, or bank transfer.

There are more than 20,000 merchants that accept Neosurf as a valid payment option, and more than thousands of online and offline retailers that sell their vouchers. Therefore, obtaining a voucher is easy and convenient for players without having to disclose any personal information.

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The Neosurf voucher is a 10-digit code that is unique and randomly generated for every transaction. The code is the only identifier for making a payment, and it can be used multiple times until the balance is depleted. Therefore, players are expected to retain the code until their online payments are complete, as losing the code means forfeiting the balance associated with that specific voucher. Of course, the remaining balance in a voucher can be transferred to another voucher, but it cannot be withdrawn as such.

It is also rather impossible to withdraw money to a Neosurf voucher from your sports betting account, as it does not act as an e-wallet or a debit card service. Therefore, to withdraw funds from your bookmaker, you must either choose a bank wire transfer or opt for any other option that is supported by your cricket betting site. Since this is against some of the Anti-Money Laundering laws and policies implemented by several betting operators, where players must withdraw funds through the same method that was used to make a deposit, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to avoid Neosurf at all costs.

Regardless, some bookmakers do support Neosurf payments, as it broadens their customer base and include those players that wish to remain anonymous. This does come at a higher cost, as retailers can charge anywhere from 2% to 6% of the transaction amount, which makes it an expensive payment option. Although bookies don’t charge any transaction fees when they accept Neosurf, players alone are responsible for absorbing the cost of purchasing the voucher.

How Is Neosurf Regulated?

Neosurf regulationNeosurf CO is a company that has its base of operations in two countries, France, and the UK. Neosurf primarily issues its vouchers and cards under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 act of the UK, and the entire company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK. Therefore, Neosurf is subjected to the same scrutinising procedure, regulatory compliance, and auditing standards that are reserved for other major payment processors that operate with the FCA license. Neosurf is further expected to operate with a minimum capital requirement and be a part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, all of which contribute to a more secure payment experience for users.

The payment platform is not as intensive as an e-wallet, as users can’t open an account and maintain a balance in the wallet. Therefore, Neosurf does not collect any personal information, financial data, or any other identifying documents directly from their voucher/code holders. Authorised retailers may seek personal information of those who purchase a voucher through them, but it is again subjective.

Players from India may have a hard time finding a local retailer. Still, they can purchase a voucher from the numerous online retailers that offer the code by accepting multiple payment options. While choosing a retailer, make sure that you are dealing with an authorised service provider, as chances for running into a scam operator are quite high. If required, verify the authenticity of the retailer by cross-referencing the information with Neosurf’s customer service department, as this can certainly help you in avoiding any malicious agents.

Benefits of Using Neosurf over Other Online Payment Options

Here are some of the key advantages of using Neosurf for transferring funds to your cricket betting account:

  1. Payments are anonymous, as Neosurf does not collect your personal information.
  2. Payments are instantaneous, as the code can be redeemed directly through the banking page of your bookmaker account.
  3. Only you have access to the code you have the freedom to limit the amount of money that you can hold on a single voucher.
  4. If you are using the services of a bookmaker for the first time, you don’t have to reveal your credit/debit card information to your bookmaker with this payment method. It will help you to conceal your payment information and protect yourself against any financial abuse in the future.
  5. The company is regulated, so your voucher and the funds in it are quite safe.
  6. Neosurf allows players from India to make payments to their bookmaker and bypass any regulatory guidelines that may be imposed on such transactions.
  7. Neosurf offers the option of buying a voucher for kids, where they can spend their money online for all kid-friendly products and services. The vouchers are automatically banned from any adult-only access websites, including bookmakers and gambling websites.

Choosing Neosurf Supported Online Cricket Bookmakers

Due to the type of payments and the anonymity aspect, not all online cricket bookies support Neosurf vouchers as a valid payment option. Nevertheless, there are a few companies that still accept them, provided they can verify the identity and age of their clients. To be able to place bets on cricket matches and withdraw your winnings, you must present all the verifying documents to your bookmaker, but by using Neosurf, you can protect your important financial data from any misuse. There are huge advantages and some drawbacks of using Neosurf, but by choosing our regulated broker recommendations, you can be assured of a reliable and secure betting platform that is free from any scam.

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